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How do you mobilize taxpayers and lawmakers to raise $30 million needed to restore a Texas treasure?


A state-wide activation and can't-miss experience that put our cause in Texans' hearts and on the Capitol steps, literally.


Activation Battle of the Brews

Our PR team created a friendly competition between Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio breweries to see which could get the most signatures for a massive petition to be displayed at the Capitol.

Word spread via a massive PR campaign that included news, local media outlets and mass media.

ActivationEvent Promotion

T-shirts, out-of-home boards and posters were used to promote our Battle of the Brews events and campaign to Save Our Ship.

Activation Texas Sized

We created Texas-sized Battleship games and a to-scale model ice sculpture was left out in the Texas sun to illustrate that the Battleship Texas is disappearing fast.


Experience Sink or Swim

We illustrated our message to act now before the Battleship Texas sinks via an ingenious science experiment. We filled a baby pool with a substance that hardens on contact yet softens the longer you stand on it. So it allowed people to walk across it…or sink should they linger.


websiteCongress’ Mailbox Takeover provided users direct access to lawmakers through a tool that allowed visitors to lookup and locate their State Representatives. We provided a pre-written letter that could be sent to their specific congressman. All they had to do was click a button.



increase in avg time
spent on page


unique page views
and 18,000+ petition


The Texas Legislature
voted and fully funded
the restoration of the
Battleship Texas

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