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Changing Perspectives on Natural Gas


Perspectives on natural gas are changing. While previously seen as a “bridge fuel” to a low carbon future, Minneapolis citizens now see natural gas as just another fossil fuel. How do we change their minds?


Love created a disarmingly charming fact-based campaign that illustrated natural gas' impact... or lack thereof. This campaign used a reimagined field guide — a simple, familiar, yet tongue-in-cheek way to change perspectives.

25 years of doing more to use less.


DigitalLocalizing The Message

For 25 years, CenterPoint Energy has helped Minnesotans use less energy through local natural gas initiatives. To help illustrate the point (and help Minnesotans see natural gas differently) Love shifted perspectives by comparing the energy Minnesota has saved to even more familiar facts about their beloved state.


Print Making the connection

Intriguing print ads invited readers to visit a landing page to connect two seemingly disparate points.


Social Stopping the Scroll

Love social ads utilized the charming, illustrated style of classic field guides to bring the "natural" back to natural gas, which tied in perfectly with Minnesotans' passion for the outdoors.


Landing Page The Field Guide Experience

With every medium driving to a landing page, Love payed off the intrigue by helping Minnesotans understand the connection and explore all the different ways CenterPoint Energy helps save energy.

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Digital Making Banners Work Better

Instead of passive banner ads, Love invited viewers to experience our full field guide on the landing page for answers to our intriguing questions.


Out of homeGetting Credit

Billboards were placed around the Twin Cities to raise awareness of CenterPoint Energy's efforts to reduce energy use.

Love's Role

Strategy, creative, illustration, production,
media planning and buying, PR.

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