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Turning Uh-Oh’s to Ah-Ha’s


Home Service Plus is Minnesota’s largest home services company. How doyou attract a new, younger audience who don’t see the need for a home service plan, yet seek expertise to solve appliance issues?


Use real customer stories to illustrate how HSP’s unique expertise solved real everyday appliance issues. Then wrap up HSP’s promise in a simple and memorable device: Uh-Oh to Ah-Ha.


Broadcast, CTVReal Uh-Oh’s.
Real Ah-Ha’s.

We illustrated actual events that occurred between customers and technicians to give viewers insight into HSP’s trustworthy expertise. It also showed how easy it is to solve problems.

“My customer covered his AC for the winter. Mice moved in and chewed up his compressor, so we got him a new unit the next day.”

– James, HSP technician


The Device Simple, Memorable

We summed up all appliance issues, and the anxiety that comes with them, in two syllables: UH-OH. That’s when we introduced the AH-HA—a catch-all for HSP’s expertise.


:15 second ah-ha’sTips of the Trade

Younger homeowners often attempt to solve their home problems via how-to YouTube videos. So we offered solutions to common problems via a series of “Tech Tip” videos to remind them of an easier solution.



We used simplicity to create every digital display and email execution. We used real problem / solutions from customers and HSP that our audience could grasp in an instant.


Direct MailGiving Direct Mail More Impact

Direct mail is a must in this category. We made it more impactful with simple, testimonial-driven messaging that identified issues and demonstrated how HSP easily solved them.


SocialStop The

A perfect medium to define a variety of Uh-Oh’s that can happen in fun ways. These posts stopped the scroll and reminded them that an Ah-Ha was just a call away.

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