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Adventure Series


How do you increase brand affinity, preference, loyalty and growth through email, a traditionally low-interest and cluttered medium?


Rethink email as a tool to integrate the brand story, brand voice and paid and owned media through an unexpected series of surprising and shareable emails that highlight the undiscovered possibilities that an extra tank of gas could unlock.

Seeing stars International Dark Sky Parks

Through award-winning design, the first of this series encouraged drivers to travel to unexpected destinations such as International Dark Sky Parks. We also created ways to make the brand live beyond the inbox by including specially designed, custom star maps and mobile wallpapers.


digital Illustrated Email

With minimal copy and maximum design, illustration and animations, these emails cut through the clutter and kept users scrolling.


Engaging beyond emailStar Maps

The email contained a branded printable takeaway piece — a custom star map that illustrated the sky specific to a particular Dark Sky Park.


the adventure continues Caves & Caverns

The next edition of the series did a 180, literally. Instead of encouraging drivers to look to the skies, we sent them to magical underground caves and caverns.


digitalIllustrated Email

Keeping with the design of the Dark Skies email, this email’s animations used light and subtle movements to draw attention and keep users scrolling.


Extension Cavern Field Guides

This takeaway piece served as a Cliffs Notes field guide to the underworld, explaining everything from what causes stalagmites to form to how to identify the strange creatures they may encounter.



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