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Competing causes and declining support were plaguing the Houston Chapter of the Boy Scouts of America. So how do you reenergize support and raise awareness across the region?


Remind veteran Boy Scouts of the impact it had on their youth and on their careers today.


CampaignLeaders of

Through stunning design, imagery and copy, Love reignited an emotional connection to our target’s boyhood and to the Boy Scouts. It also encouraged the leaders of today to ensure the same Boy Scout foundations were available for the leaders of tomorrow.

Digital VideoFuture-Focused Nostalgia

Long form web films showed the values the Boy Scouts hold dear by demonstrating each one through a series of compelling imagery and highly personal portraits of leaders of tomorrow. While the images evoked nostalgia in our audience, it featured the next generation following in their footsteps.


Booklet Not Another Brochure

Brochures signal temporary. Booklets are to keep, much like the lifelong values of the Boy Scouts. This booklet highlighted the original purpose of the Boy Scouts instead of listing out a bunch of activities and events.



Love used illustration to give authenticity and a “real” feeling to the campaign while also bringing a modern take to centuries old imagery and concepts and making them relevant to today’s Boy Scouts.


PhotographyBringing The Viewer Closer

Love used a combination of vast wide shots mixed with intimate portraiture and close-ups to help create an emotional connection between the imagery and the audience.


$20 Mil.

Campaign helped raise $20 million in just the first six months.


Won 20 American Advertising Awards


Won 2 Gold National ADDY Awards

Donors and donations have increased YOY since this campaign launched in 2016.

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