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Driving Preference


Email is a low-interest medium. Gasoline is a low-interest category. So how do you get people to engage with the Conoco® brand through email with the trash button looming nearby?


With high-quality content, clever ideas and killer design, we inspired subscribers to fight the urge to “stay” and illuminated how fun choosing “go” can be.


ConceptChoose to
Choose Go®

How many ways can you inspire subscribers to choose go instead of the couch? Turns out, a lot.

This email campaign kept users scrolling and avoiding the trash button through a variety of unexpected content.

Calling Shotgun

The final authority on the rules of calling shotgun. It included a printable take-along guide to settle any disputes.


meet go.

We turned symbols of slow,
like a sloth and a couch
potato, into fixtures of fast.




Game onEnter the

Our couch potato reprises his role in a custom video game that kept people playing and neglecting their jobs.

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Love's Role

Creative concept, design, copywriting, digital strategy,
development, photography.

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