Susan G. Komen Foundation

Awakening Warriors


Even though Susan G. Komen was one of the first foundations to introduce the walk for cancer, their event was seeing strong competition and a steady decline in participation. So how to do you motivate women to walk?


Remind them that the fight is far from over and awaken the fighting spirit inside those affected by cancer.


CampaignBringing The Warrior To Life

Psychologically (and in some cultures, physically), war paint is more than just a symbol of courage. It acts both as a shield and a bravery booster. This campaign shows that this psychological transformation is very real and very powerful.


out of homeAn Invitation To Fight

Billboards around the city called for people to summon their warrior spirit and join the fight.


Print Connecting Emotionally

With simple copy, eye-catching typography and powerful imagery, our print ads didn’t just advertise an event, it made an emotional connection.


Social Activating

At the race, we kept users engaged and sharing their experiences with friends and family through simple custom SnapChat filters that added war paint to every selfie.


Making OfCustom War Paint

The history of war paint is as old as time. Certain patterns mean different things in different cultures. Through research and experimentation, we created our own patterns fit for a war on cancer.

Love's Role

Creative, production, social, activation,
experiential, PR, media planning and buying.

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